Progressive Insurance
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Las Vegas, NV 89123

What is the Deal with Progressive Insurance?

Young woman and car

Young woman and carYou see the advertisements on television. Flo looks great with that 50’s vibe and sassy humor. Progressive seems to be everywhere. What does Progressive do that’s so different from other companies? Listed below are a few things different about Progressive Insurance.

1.)They have twenty four hour roadside service. If your car is broken down at 2am, there is a 24hr hotline that you can call. You talk with a real person and they will give you a time frame for that service to reach you. They also do a follow up call to make sure everything was handled to the customer’s satisfaction.

2.)They have an easy, user friendly website that allows the customer to have access to their policy twenty four hours a day. Customers can make payments, add a vehicle, print out insurance cards, and add coverage. All at the tip of their fingers.

3.)Twenty four hour customer care. You have a question about your insurance policy and your local agent is closed for the day? Give the company a call and they will answer your call any time day or night.

4.)Progressive can bundle your home insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, renters insurance, and umbrella insurance. They can even insure your business if you need them to.

5.)They are competitive with their rates. Progressive has consistently been one of the fastest growing insurance companies over the years due mostly to their competitive rates, their service and usability.

6.)They were first in the industry to use monitoring systems in cars. These devices are helping Progressive customers to get discounts for being safe drivers.

Progressive Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance products at competitive rates along with the industry’s best customer service and claims handling. These are some highlights of the great things Progressive does for its customers every day. Call your local Progressive agent and get a quote. You won’t be sorry.