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Progressive Independent Agents Vs. Progressive Direct

Insurance Sales

Insurance Sales“What’s the difference? I’m a savvy shopper and I can save $20 if I go to Progressive Direct instead of a local Insurance Agent. I think I will do that since it’s the same Company.” If you are one of those people that think this then you are sort of correct. They are both Progressive. But one can only be reached on line or by phone, whereas the local agent can be driven to and talked to in person. Doesn’t seem like a big difference on the surface. Here are a few reasons that a local agent maybe right for you.

1.)You can’t go into a local agent’s office to pay for your online Progressive policy. Local agents only have access to the customers they write and do not have access to your policy; they can’t answer even the basic questions like coverage, payment due dates, or who’s on your policy.

2.)The small amount of money you may save by going Direct does not give you a one-on-one experience with an agent that has intimate knowledge of you and your insurance needs. If you have a question, make a change on your policy, need additional insurance, you will talk to a different Progressive representative each time you call. That maybe ok for some clientele. But the personal touch and comfort you get knowing that you have a local agent looking out for your needs is something an online policy can’t offer.

3.)What happens when you need home, motorcycle, and boat insurance? Both independent agents and Progressive direct can help. But, what if you need business insurance, commercial insurance, scooter insurance, airplane insurance, and a lower premium? A local agent has the ability to cover your insurance needs and help you find the best possible rate.

4.)You can stop into a local office, get a print out of an insurance card, pay your bill, add a car on, take off a driver, and write a new policy. All from the same person that you have dealt with for years.

Saving money has always been high on everyone’s list, but the customer service and relationships you develop with a local agent are priceless?