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When is it Time to Shop Your Insurance?

Shopping Insurance

We get bombarded daily with advertisements about changing insurance companies. “Cheap Auto Insurance”, “Save 15 percent or more”, “Name your own price”, and “Know the gaps” are just a few tag lines that you get inundated with from television, mail ads, and radio spots. But when should you really think about changing insurance companies? Just on a whim, or because a cute CGI lizard tells you to, these shouldn’t be the thing that drives you to switch. Here are a few guidelines that may help when thinking about shopping around for insurance.

1.)Your insurance premium has increased dramatically from the last policy period because of a rate hike. I’m talking about when companies adjust their rates because of factors beyond your control, not because you had your fifth accident, added on your sixteen year old with a brand new mustang, or decided to buy that new luxury vehicle and not check what it would do to your rates. Insurance companies can and will adjust rates from time to time and it can have a huge impact on your premium.

2.)The company you’re with was great for a minimum limits policy, but a brand new car and full coverage may require an insurance company with more coverage options. Not all insurance companies are created equal.

3.)You’ve just bought a house, motorcycle, boat or some sort of other recreational vehicle. It’s time to find a company that can take on multiple policies to give you the best coverage for the best price. It is almost always cheaper to bundle policies together then have separate companies for each vehicle or house.

4.)Your insurance agent is not helpful, the office is always closed, or the agent is just a plain old jerk. It may be in your best interest to transfer your current policy over to a new agent that has your interests in mind and will be there to help you when you need them.

5.)Your current company did not hold up their end of the bargain when an accident or claim happened.

Switching companies to save a few dollars can be a drain on your time. You should switch companies when you have real reasons to do so. It’s less stress on you. The best case scenario is to find a local independent insurance agent in your area. They will work with several companies to find the best fit for you and they can always find another company to fit your needs if something changes.